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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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States, such an ostentatious boast of the South,
of the “Sons of the South, the flower and hope of
the Union”—nay, it was incomparable! One thing
only impeded the grandeur and the growth of the
United States and its wonderful, mighty future,
and this was—Abolitionism! It was this scorpion,
this hydra in the social life of the United States,
which ought to be crushed (and the speaker
stamped vehemently and angrily on the floor)
and annihilated! Then only would the North and
the South, like two mighty rivers, be united, and
side by side start forth toward the same grand,
honorable goal!

What this honorable goal may be I did not
hear mentioned; but the students, who were present
in great numbers, must have understood it,
for they applauded tempestuously, and every
heroic apostrophe to the heroism and nobility of
the Sons of the South was followed by a salvo of
clapping, which at the close of the speech was
doubled and redoubled, and seemed as if it never
would end. Thus delighted were the Sons of the
South with the speaker, with each other, and with

I left the hall very much depressed. Shall I
not then find within the slave states a noble, liberal
youth, which is that upon which I most depend for
the promise of approaching freedom? Must I

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