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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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again find among the young men that want of
moral integrity, of courage and uprightness of
mind? I have scarcely any desire to go and hear
the speaker this evening, I am so weary of the
old song.

29. I have had a great and unexpected
pleasure: I have heard “a new song sung,” and—but
I will tell you all in due course.

I again took my seat in the crowded, lamp-lighted
hall, and the young man who was to speak
sat alone on an elevated platform facing the
assembly while the hall filled. This lasted for a
good half hour, and it seemed to me that the young
orator’s situation could not be very pleasant,
sitting there all alone, as he did, an object for all
eyes; and I asked myself whether it could be this
feeling which cast a certain shade or a certain
trance-like look over his eyes. He was a tall young
man of handsome, strong proportions, who yet
seemed to me not fully grown; the countenance
was pure and good, not regularly handsome, but
handsome nevertheless, with a youthfully fresh
complexion and clear, strongly-marked features.
I endeavored inquisitively to guess from these the
soul of the youth; but this lay, as it were, under
a veil. The forehead was broad, the hair dark
brown, and abundant.

At length the moment came when he must rise

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