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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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forced. The glorious youth looked as if applause
or blame concerned him not. He had spoken
from his own conviction; his youthfully fresh
cheek glowed as with the crimson tinge of morning,
and his dark eye and clear brow shone
serenely as a cloudless heaven.

I could not have any conversation with him
later in the evening, because he was summoned to
his father, who was dangerously ill, and he was
obliged to leave the place immediately.
Nevertheless, I pressed his hand and spoke my cordial
thanks to him in the presence of his teachers and
his companions. The good professors were somewhat
confounded by the unexpected character
of the young man’s speech, but full of admiration:
Good heavens! They had not expected such a
speech. Really an uncommon speech! Above the
common average—and so on. Alexander S. Brown
(I write the name in full) was declared to be a
fine fellow, a smart young man! The president
even expressed himself very warmly in his praise.
But the learned in law and books were nevertheless
somewhat afraid of giving to Caesar that
which was due to Caesar, and endeavored to
indemnify themselves by certain depreciatory and
apologistic concessions.

This was one of my happiest evenings in the
Southern States, and I now looked with more

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