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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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cheerful, more loving glances upon this beautiful
soil, since it had produced such a youth. How
noble and how happy ought his mother to be!

Richmond, July 1. The business at Charlottesville
on Saturday consisted for the most part of
speeches and the distribution of diplomas. I
could not hear much of the former, and my
principal pleasure was the contemplation of the
assembly of ladies, among whom I remarked a
great number of very lovely and happy countenances.
If the Juno style of beauty is not met with
in America as it is in Europe, there are, on the
contrary, a greater number of cheerful, lovely
countenances, and scarcely any which can be called
ugly. The men are not handsome, but have a
manly appearance, and, in a general way, are well
made and full of strength. This, I believe, I have
said once or twice before, but I have not said, what
nevertheless should be said, that among the
Americans are not found that decided type of one
distinct race as we find it among the English, Irish,
French, Spaniards, Germans, etc. An American,
male or female, might belong to any nation, in its
beautiful human character, but divested of nationality;
nay, even the Swedish, that is to say, when
this is found in the most perfect faces, because
a well-formed fine nose and an oval countenance

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