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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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is almost universal among the ladies. Our full-moon
countenances, and noses which come directly
out of them like a handle or a projecting point
of rock, are not seen here; neither are potato-noses,
like my own. Still, I have seen many a
blooming young girl in the Northern States
of America, many a handsome young man, more like
Swedes than the English or the French. Nevertheless,
light hair and light eyes are rare.

Philadelphia, July 14. One evening, when
somewhat late I was returning home over the hills,
I saw, sitting on a stile which I had to pass, a man
in a blue artisan blouse, with his brow resting on
his hand in which he held a pocket-handkerchief.
As I came nearer, he removed his hand and looked
at me, and I saw an Irish nose in a good, lively
countenance, which seemed to be that of a man
about thirty years of age.

“It’s very warm!” said he, speaking English.

“Yes,” said I, passing, “and you have worked hard,
have you not?”

“Yes, my hands are quite spoiled!” and with that he
exhibited a pair of coarse, black hands.

I asked a little about his circumstances. He
was an Irishman, named Jim, and had come
hither to seek for work, which he had found at
the manufactory, and by which he could earn

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