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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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“You are not too old to be married, miss,”
said he; “and then you are good-looking, miss;
you are very good-looking, ma’am, and a nice
young man would be very glad to have you, to
go about everywhere with you!”

“But, Jim, perhaps he would not like to go
where I should like to go, and then how should
we get on together?”

“Oh, yes, he would like, ma’am, I assure you
he would like it! And perhaps you have a
thousand dollars on which you would maintain
him, ma’am.”

“But, Jim, I should not like to have a husband
who would merely have me for the sake of my

“You are right there, miss, very right. But
you would be so much happier with a nice young
man who would take care of you,” etc.

“Look here, Jim,” I said finally; “up there,
above the clouds is a great big Gentleman who
takes care of me, and if I have him, there is no
need of any one else.”

The thought struck my warm-hearted Irishman, who

“There you are right, miss! Yes, He is the
husband, after all! And if you have Him, you
need not be afraid of anything!”

“Nor am I afraid, Jim. But now,” said I, “go

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