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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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ahead, for the path is too narrow for two.” And
we separated.

July 17. To-day I visited the medical college
for ladies, which was established here a year ago,
and which will enable ladies to receive a scientific
education as physicians. This institution has not
been established without great opposition, but
it has nevertheless come into operation, to the
honor of the spirit and justice of the New World!
To this ought also to be added the steadfastness
and talent of a young American woman and the
reputation which she obtained abroad. Elizabeth
Blackwell, after having for several years, by hard
work, helped to educate and maintain several
younger sisters, devoted herself to the profession
of medicine, firmly resolved to open in this way
a career for herself and other women. She was
met by a thousand difficulties; prejudice and ill
will threw impediments in every step; but she
overcame all; and finally studied and graduated as
physician at the city of Geneva in western New
York. After this she went abroad, desirous of
entering and passing the Medical College of Paris.
The head of the college was shocked: “You must
dress yourself as a man,” said he, “otherwise it
will be quite impossible.” “I shall not alter even
a ribbon on my bonnet!” said she. “Do as you will;

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