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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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but your conduct shall be made known. You have
seen my certificate; you have no right to refuse me

He was obliged to comply. Elizabeth’s womanly
dignity and bearing, added to her remarkable
knowledge, impressed the professors as well as
students of the college. The young woman pursued
her studies in peace, protected by her earnestness
and scientific knowledge. Having greatly
distinguished herself and won the highest
commendation, she left Paris for London, where she
gathered fresh laurels, both in medical and
chirurgical science. She is at this moment expected
back in America, where she intends to be a practising

It seems to me very desirable that this establishment
should direct the attention of the female
students, or rather that they should themselves
direct it, to that portion of medical science which
pre-eminently belongs to them; for is there not
here, as in all spheres of life, science, arts, and
professions, one region which, beyond all others,
belongs to woman, by reason of natural tendencies?
In medicine, it is evidently partly the
preventive—that is to say, by attention to health and
diet, to effect the prevention of disease, especially
in women and children—and partly, par excellence,
healing, curing.
Women have in all ages

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