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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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shown a remarkable talent for the healing art—have
shown ability, by herbs and the so-called
domestic medicine, to cure or assuage human
suffering. Their branch of medical art ought
evidently to be that of the alleviation of pain;
they should not be the instigators of suffering. In
this they would make great progress. The instincts
of the heart would be united in them with
the knowledge of the head. Curative medicine
would therefore be more adapted to them than
surgery. And herbs, those beautiful healing herbs,
which stand on the hilltops and amid the fields
like beneficent angels beckoning in the summer
winds, may be borne by the hands of the female
physician into the dwelling of the sufferers, and,
by means of miraculous powers called forth by
love and art, may promulgate the evangel of
health more and more over the earth, and change,
as much as is possible, even the so frequently
terrible work of death into a peaceful transition
state. Oh, to be young, to be able to devote a life
to this glorious science!

Nahant, Massachusetts, August 1. I am with
Mrs. Bryant in her cottage at Nahant, a little
bathing-place a few miles north of Boston. The
aristocracy of Boston have their villas and
cottages, where they, for a couple of months in the

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