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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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I could not resist Emerson’s kindness and these

The following day, therefore, he called for me
in a cabriolet, which he himself drove, and took
me by the loveliest forest road to a little lake
which lay in the bosom of the forest, like a clear,
oval mirror in a dark green frame. The place
looked like a sanctuary of the kindly divinities
of nature.

We talked a deal by the way; for I am always
excited to conversation with Emerson in a calm
and agreeable manner. The topic of conversation
on this occasion arose principally from my asking
Emerson whether he considered the intellectual
culture of the New England States to have
attained its acme, and if we might not see in these
a type of the perfected American community.

“By no means,” he replied, “there are at this
time a number of Germanisms and other
European ideas, nay, even ideas from Asia, which
are now for the first time finding their way into
the life of mind, and which will there produce new

Emerson evidently considers America intended
to present under a higher metamorphosis those
ideas, which during the course of ages have been
prefigured in other parts of the world.

As regarded the late political concessions which

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