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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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the Northern States made to the slave states, the
right of asylum to the fugitive slave, he expressed
himself in strong disapprobation, but still in his
placid manner.

“Here is a spring famous for its excellent
water,” said Emerson, as he pulled up near some
lofty trees by the roadside. “May I give you
a glass?”

I thanked him in the affirmative, and he
alighted, fastened the reins to a tree, and soon
returned with a glass of water as clear as crystal
from the spring.

A glass of water! How much may be comprised
in this gift! Why this should become significant
to me on this occasion I can not say, but so it
was. I have silently within myself combated with
Emerson from the first time that I became
acquainted with him. I have questioned with
myself in what consisted this power of the spirit
over me, while I so much disapproved of his mode
of thinking, when there was so much in him which
was unsatisfactory to me; in what consisted his
mysterious magical power—that invigorating,
refreshing influence which I aways experience in his
writings or in intercourse with him. With this
cordial draught of clear water from the spring,
given by his hand, I understood it. It is precisely
this crystal, pure, fresh cold water in his individual

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