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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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character, in his writings, which has refreshed
and will again and yet again refresh me.

I have opposed Emerson in thought with
myself and in conversation with others who
have blindly admired him. I shall oppose him also in
public, from the conviction within my own soul
of the highest justice and truth. But in long years
to come, and when I am far from here in my own
native land, and when I am old and gray, yes,
always, always will moments recur when I shall
yearn toward Waldo Emerson and long to receive
from his hand that draught of fresh water. For
wine, warmth-infusing, life-renovating wine, I
would go to another.

Emerson baptizes in water; another there is
who baptizes with the Spirit and with fire.

I left Emerson with an unmingled sentiment of
gratitude for what he has been to me. I may
perhaps see other more beautiful and more perfect
forms, but never shall I see his equal again.

I made another excursion from Boston to visit
a seminary for teachers at West Newton,
established by Horace Mann, as well as to greet once
more and see Lydia Maria Child, who now resides
in the neighborhood of the seminary. I was present
at a lesson in the institution, at which from fifty
to sixty young girls who are preparing themselves
for instructors were present. One of them

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