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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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ascended the lecturer’s chair, the others being
seated on benches in the large, light, airy hall. The
subject of the lesson was the form of government
of the United States, in which she examined the
others. The young teacher was handsome, with
every appearance of a gentlewoman, and with an
extremely agreeable deportment and manner.
When she descended from her elevated seat, the
others were encouraged to criticise her observations
or to point out any particulars in which she
appeared to be in error. Several voices were
raised in observation, one remarking that she had
left the chair without any acknowledgment to her
audience. The young girl who took her place had
a very different manner, was not so handsome,
nor with so much perhaps of the gentlewoman
about her, but she was more ardent, more decided,
and was evidently possessed of more than usual
abilities. The subject of her lesson and examination
was geographical statistics, and she spoke with
a liveliness which gave animation to her whole
audience. She too descended and was criticised
in her turn. In this way the young female teacher
is early accustomed to the usual consequences of
publicity, and is early accustomed to pay that
attention to herself in all respects which is so
important, especially for the school-teacher. The
outward demeanor also, her movements, her

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