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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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in and some out of Boston, with different persons,
with whom I have to enter into interesting
conversations on theology, art, politics, etc., with
gentlemen at home on all these subjects; but this
amuses rather than wearies me. Among my more
intimate acquaintances in Boston during the last
winter I have again met with an interesting lady,
a Miss Parsons, of weak physical constitution, but
of an unusually beautiful soul; that is to say, she is
clairvoyant without sleeping, and can give the
contents of a letter or the character and state of the
writer merely by holding the letter closed in her
hands or pressing it upon her forehead. I would
not believe in this species of clairvoyance at first,
but have been obliged to believe in it after I had
placed a letter from you in Swedish in her hand,
without her having beforehand any knowledge of
who had written the letter, or anything about you.
Besides which, her character is far above anything
of charlatanism. But this clear-sighted soul lives
at the expense of the body, which becomes, as it
were, more and more transparent and
spirit-like. . . .

On the 7th of August I left Salem for the
White Mountains. The first day’s journey was
to the Shaker community at Canterbury, by the
Merrimac River in New Hampshire, which I
wished to visit, that I might see its botanic garden

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