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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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and become somewhat better acquainted with this
remarkable sect.

I can not tell you how much I liked all that I
saw of this little community during the whole of
this day, or how admirable appeared to me the
order and the neatness of everything, from the
sisters themselves to everything which came under
their hands. The male portion of the community
were busied with the harvest, and I saw merely a
few representatives of them. These seemed to me
to have either a gloomy, almost fanatical expression,
or to have very well-fed bodies without any
spiritual expression at all. The good sisters, who
now regarded us as their friends, gave us many
presents from their stores of valuable wares,
implements of the work-box, fragrant waters, cakes
of maple-tree sugar, etc. And when, on the following
day, we wished to pay for our entertainment,
they replied, “We never take payment from
our friends!” Nor would they receive the
slightest sum.

A spacious traveling-carriage with several seats,
drawn by two fat horses and driven by a stout
Shaker brother whom no Shaker dancing had
been able to render less fat and jolly, made their
appearance, and some of the sisters said that, as
it was good for their health to take a little exercise
in the open air, they would drive with us to the

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