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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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railway station. A courtesy could not possibly
have been done in a more delicate or handsome

The Shaker community of Canterbury consists
of about five hundred persons. There are here a
great many more fine and beautiful countenances
among the young women than in the community
of New Lebanon, on the border of New York and
Massachusetts. The costume was the same, and
the customs were the same also. Among their
customs is that of using the pronouns “thee” and
“thou,” as with the Quakers; and “yea” and
“nay,” instead of “yes” and “no.” They lay great
stress upon a friendly and kind behaviour toward
each in word and deed. They endeavor in their
large families to create that life of love which
is the most beautiful flower of the lesser family.
Work and prayer and mutual good offices are the
business of their daily life. This community
derives its principal income from its farming
produce, its preparation of medicinal herbs for the
pharmacopeoia, and the weaving of woolen goods.

The Shaker settlements in general are the most
rational and probably the happiest of all
conventual institutions. I should be glad if similar
ones were found in all countries. People may
say what they will, and do the best they can in the
great community, but there will always exist the

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