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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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need of places where the shipwrecked in life, the
wearied of life, the solitary and feeble, may escape
as to a refuge, and where their good will and their
powers of labor may, under a wise and affectionate
management, be turned to account; where the
children of misfortune or misery may be brought
up in purity and love; where men and women may
meet and associate as brethren and sisters in good
will and friendship, laboring all for the benefit and
advantage of each other. And this is the case
here. The Shaker organization is—admitting
some small, narrow peculiarities—one of the
best small communities in the world, and one of
the most useful in the great commonwealth. This
sect is, in general, not understood. People consider
its dancing mode of worship to be the main
principle, when, in fact, that might just as well be
away, though I, for my part, would willingly
retain it for its symbolic meaning, like the heavenly
child’s-play which I saw this morning.

Franconia Notch, La Fayette House, August 15.
I have lived in the bosom of the White Mountains
since I last wrote, heartily enjoying the
companionship of the giants, the fantastic gambols of
the clouds around them, of the songs and the
dances of the brooks in the deep glens, of the
whole of this bold and strong scenery, which made

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