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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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me feel as if at home in Sweden amid the glorious
river-valleys of Dalecarlia or Norrland. Yet
the scenery here is more picturesque, more playful
and fantastic, has more cheerful diversity. The
affluence of wood and the beautiful foliage in the
valleys is extraordinary; you walk or drive
continually between the most lovely wild hedges of
hazel, elm, sumac (a very beautiful shrub, which
is general throughout America), sugar-maple,
yellow birch, fir-trees, pines, and many other
trees and shrubs; and on all sides is heard
the singing and the roaring of the mountain
streams, clear as silver, through the passes of
the hills. It was so cold in certain parts of this
mountain region that it was with difficulty that
I could guide my pen, from the stiffness of my

The peculiarity of these so-called White Mountains
is the many gigantic human profiles which, in
many places, look out from the mountains with a
precision and perfect regularity of outline which
is quite astonishing. They have very much amused
me, and I have sketched several of them in my
rambles. We have our quarters here very close
to one of these countenances, which has long been
known under the name of “the Old Man of the
Mountain.” It has not any nobility in its features,
but resembles a very old man in a bad humor, and

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