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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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with a night cap on his head, who is looking out
from the mountain half inquisitive. Far below
the old giant’s face is an enchanting little lake,
resembling a bright oval toilet glass, inclosed in a
verdant frame of leafage. The Old Man of the
Mountain looks out gloomily over this quiet lake
and the clouds afloat far below his chin. . . .

The whole of this mountain district is very wild,
and there is scarcely a dwelling to be seen excepting
the hotels for travelers. It is, however, overflowing
with noisy, unquiet company, who do not
seem to understand any other mode of enjoying
nature than in talking, laughing, eating, drinking,
and by all kinds of noisy pleasures. They pass
up the mountain laughing at full gallop, and
come down again at full gallop. Champagne corks
fly about at the hotels, gentlemen sit and
play at cards in the middle of the day, ladies
talk about dress-makers and fashions. How unlike
is this thoughtless life to that of nature, where
the clouds come down as if to converse with the
mountain, sometimes speeding over them like
airy dragons, sometimes floating around them
caressingly with garlands and light sylph-like
forms, which moisten their forests with soft
dewy veils; while in the valley below the little
streams grow and sing, and trees and flowers waft
over them their blessing as they speed along their

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