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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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daughter has inherited from the father that firm
spirit of human love and that steadfastness of
character which neither shrinks nor turns back
from any impediment on the path which she has
resolved to pursue. A great portion of her time
is occupied in caring for the unfortunate, the guilty,
and the prisoner; and so universally known and
respected is her activity in these respects, that
all prisons, all public benevolent institutions, are
open to her, and whoever walks at her side
through the abandoned haunts of New York may
feel himself in safety. Her bright and mild
countenance is known even in the darkest places as
a messenger of light.

I went with her one day through that part of
New York called Five Points, because I wished
to see this region, in which the rudest and the most
degraded portion of the population of New York
were thronged together, probably through the
attraction which causes like to seek like. Not
long ago it was unsafe for a stranger within these
purlieus. But the Methodists of New York conceived
the divinely bold idea of building a church
to God in the heart of this central point of vice
and misery. They hired a house, sent a minister
to reside there, established schools, work-rooms,
etc., which would give ample space for “the other
master.” The contest between good and evil has

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