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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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quarreling with the whole world; and some
families also we saw, who seemed to me wretched
rather through poverty than moral degradation.
Both the unabashed, hardened crimes, and those
forcing victims, under the consequences of vice,
down to death—without an ear to listen to their
groans, without sympathy and without hope—are
there, in every grade of moral corruption, festering
and fermenting in the Old Brewery; filth, rags,
pestilent air, everything was in that Old Brewery;
and yet there, after all, I did not see anything
worse than I had seen before in Paris, London,
and Stockholm. Ah! in all large cities where
human masses congregate may be found the Old
Brewery of vice and misery, where the Old Brewer
distills his poison. The offscouring of society
flows hither, becomes still more corrupt, and will
thence corrupt the atmosphere of society, until the
fresh and better life obtains power over the old
leaven—the new church over the Old Brewery.
A great movement exists in this direction at the
present time.

In the middle of the square of the Five Points
there is, as in many squares of New York, a little
green inclosure of trees and bushes. It looks,
however, dry and withered; no careful hands
water the trees which attempt to put forth foliage,
and on the fencing around it hang rags to dry. It

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