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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Before the door of the prison, in the interior
court, sat a fine general in a comfortable armchair,
as keeper or orderly of the prison, with
diamond rings on his fingers and a diamond
breast-pin in his shirt. Whether they were
genuine I can not say; they looked, however, as
though they were; but that the man himself was
not of genuine human worth was not difficult to
see, neither that he was out of his place here. He
was in a high degree haughty and self-sufficient,
and did not even raise his hat to the noble,
beautiful lady who addressed him, much less raise
himself. She showed her card of introduction, and
we were allowed to pass in, first into a room in
which many of the officials of the prison were
assembled. The person who was evidently the
principal here, a fat man with a large face, sat
with his hat on his head and one of his feet placed
high against the wall, and one newspaper hanging
over his leg, while he was busy reading another
which he held in his hands. On Mrs. Gibbons
mildly and politely addressing him, he turned his
head toward us slightly, but neither raised his hat
nor his upraised foot from the wall, and then
putting some question with as surly a mien as if
he had been addressing some person in custody,
let us wait a moment, after which we were allowed
to enter, which probably would not have been the

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