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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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case, had he dared to have hindered it. We could
not avoid remarking that many of these jailers
looked as if they ought to have been among the
prisoners, nay, even looked much worse than many
of them.

I could not but be greatly surprised at the
disorder which prevailed in the great prison of the
men, which is built in an elliptical form, with a
gallery running in front of the cells. The prisoners
were walking about, talking, smoking cigars,
while dealers in cigars and other wares were
wending about freely among them. Many of the
cells were occupied by two prisoners. There were
several condemned prisoners—two condemned to
death. I asked one of these, who was a man of
some little education, how he himself felt in
prison? “Oh,” replied he, with bitter irony,
“as well as any one can do who has every moment of
the twenty-four hours his sentence of death before
his eyes;” and he showed me a paper pasted on
the wall, on which might be read, badly written,
the day and hour when he was to be hanged. The
prisoners were much more polite and agreeable
to us than the gentlemen on duty had been. Some
of them seemed pleased by our visit, thanked us,
and talked in a cordial manner.

While we were there a drunken old man was
brought into the lower part of the prison. The

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