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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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manner in which he was carried in and thrown into
the cell exhibited a high degree of coarseness. I
was the whole time in one continual state of
amazement that a prison in the United States—the
prisons of which country have been so highly
praised in Europe—should present such scenes
and be in such a condition. But the city of New
York, like the prisons of New York, is not a fair
example by which American cities and prisons
should be judged. The prison of Philadelphia
was very unlike this.

We found the condition of the female portion
of the Tombs very unlike that of the males. Here
a woman had sway, and she was one of those
genial, powerful characters which can create
around them a new state of order, governed by
wholesome influences. Her form, which indicated
great cordiality and considerable physical power,
seemed made, as it were, to sustain the children of
the prison—to elevate, not to depress them. She
was cheerful, hearty, and good-tempered, yet
nevertheless so resolute with the prisoners that
none of them ventured to oppose her. Many
seemed to look upon her as a mother, and she
seemed to regard many of them as diseased children
rather than as criminals; this was the case, in
particular, with those who were imprisoned for
drunkenness. “Oh, Miss Foster! oh, Miss

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