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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Foster!” lamented one scarcely half conscious
woman, who was waking up in one cell from a fit of
drunkenness, “I am now here again!” “Yes, that
you are, you poor thing!” said Miss Foster, and
went compassionately to lift her head from the
extremely uneasy position into which it had fallen
in her drunken sleep.

The Houses of Correction on Blackwell’s
Island are celebrated for being well managed, and
for fully accomplishing their intention, and it was
my intention to have visited them; but Marcus
Spring and W. H. Channing had invited me to a
meeting of the North American Phalanstery, and
this was what I could not by any means neglect.
On the 29th, therefore, I left New York in company
with Channing.

It was an indescribably beautiful day. The
softest breezes wafted us from New York to the
shore of New Jersey. Here we were met by the
wagon of the Phalanstery, and joined by various
persons from other places who were all bound on
a visit to the Phalanstery.

I spent three days there, amid a variety of
scenes, many of which greatly interested me.
Foremost among these I place a meeting which was
brought about by Channing for the consideration
of the social position of woman, and what it
requires; her sufferings, their causes, and the means

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