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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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people. Many of the young ladies made their
appearance at the ball in the so-called bloomer
costume, that is to say, short dresses made to the
throat, and trousers. This costume, which is, in
reality, much more modest than that of the
ordinary ball-room, and which looks extremely
well on young ladies in their every-day occupations,
is not advantageous for a ball-room, and is
not at all becoming in the waltz, unless the skirts
are very short, which was the case with two otherwise
remarkably well-dressed and very pretty
young girls. Some of them had really in their
bloomer costume a certain fantastic grace; but
when I compared this with the true feminine grace
which exhibited itself in some young girls with
long dresses, and in other respects equally modest
attire with the bloomer ladies, I could not but
give the palm to the long dresses. Among the
most graceful of the dancers in long dresses was
the daughter of the president of the
Phalanstery. . . .

Among the varied scenes of these last few days
was one of a somnambule, of that kind which is
called a medium, i. e., a person who, in the
magnetic state, is, or believes himself to be, en rapport
with a deceased friend or connection, and delivers
communications from him. This medium was a
pretty young girl (not a member of the

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