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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Phalanstery), and the spirit that was said to converse
with her was that of her father.

About twenty persons, myself being one of the
number, sat around a table, all forming a chain by
the contact of the hands; hymns were sung to
cheerful tunes. Within a very short time the
young girl became suddenly pale, her head sank,
and her features grew livid and rigid almost as
in death. This lasted for a few minutes, during
which the singing was continued. The young girl
then awoke with convulsive movements, and
immediately afterward began, with convulsive rapidity,
to pass her fingers over the letters of a large
alphabet which lay before her, and in which she
pointed out letters which were written down by
other persons, and thus words and sentences were
put together. Questions which were put to the
somnambule were answered in the same manner,
and I am convinced that there was no deception;
nevertheless, the answers which she gave showed
evidently that the spirit with which she stood en
was not very much wiser than we poor
inquiring mortals. She had been extremely
attached to the deceased father, and it was not
until after his death that she fell into this singular
condition. The answers showed indeed a pure
spiritual life, but not anything supernaturally so.
The whole scene interested me, but produced a

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