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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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painful impression on Channing, whose pure,
spiritual nature is displeased by these juggling or
abnormal spiritual dealings.

There are in the United States at this time,
especially in the North, a great number of
clairvoyants of all grades; and mediums, “spiritual
knockings” and many other dark spiritual
phenomena belong to the order of the day. They
are totally rejected by many, but earnestly accepted
by others. I myself have seen sufficient of
clairvoyant exhibitions to be convinced that they are
by no means deficient in a light which exceeds that
of the ordinary natural condition, at the same time
that they are by no means infallible. The clairvoyant
sees many things with wonderful clearness,
but is mistaken in others. The clairvoyant is not
a guide to be relied upon. Nevertheless, the
certain result of the phenomena of clairvoyance
is infinitely precious, that is to say, the certainty
it gives that the soul possesses organs and senses
within the corporeal and independent of them;
that the spiritual body is superior to the natural;
that the latter is merely the natural medium of
the former. . . .

But I must stop. It is presumption to attempt
a description of the life, phenomena, and peculiar
characteristics of the United States, when I know

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