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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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that every single state in the Union is like a perfect
realm, with almost all the various circumstances
and resources of a European kingdom in fertile
fields, metallic mountains, navigable rivers,
forests, and besides these many natural gifts and
beauties which as yet are unknown and not turned
to account. Yes, it excites at the same time both
joy and despair to know that there is on all hands
so much that is new, so much which is yet unknown,
and so much which I never shall know. Fortunately,
however, for this country, it possesses, in
its very subdivision and form of government, a
great and effective means of becoming acquainted
with itself. Each separate state is like an
independent individual existence, and feels itself
excited to emulate its sister states (with which it
sometimes wrangles and quarrels, as sisters will
sometimes do in their younger years), and to
become a full-grown human being on its own account.
And for this purpose all its powers are called into
action, and all its peculiar ways and means are
examined. Hence it is that in this land of liberty
there is no limitation to experimental attempts.
Everything, even the very maddest of all, may be
attempted and prove whether there is anything
available in it or not. Everything, even the most
absurd, is sure of having some adherents and an
opportunity afforded for trial; and I have heard

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