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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Americans say jestingly that if anybody came
forth with the assertion that it was better to walk
upon the head than the feet, he would be quite
sure of pupils who would, in most good earnest,
make the attempt whether it were possible to walk
on the head. Other men would perhaps laugh at
them, still would allow them to make the trial,
quite certain that if by experiment it was found that
walking on the head were not practicable, they
would soon get on their legs again, and in the
meantime they would have gained something by
experience. And certain it is that several attempts,
which in the beginning have appeared as absurd
as that of making use of the head instead of the
feet, and which were treated accordingly, have
after a time succeeded, and been crowned with
the most fortunate results. One such attempt may
be mentioned as that of exporting ice to the tropical
countries. The first person who tried this
experiment, and who now lives in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, was regarded for several years by
certain people as a fool. Now, however, the
exportation of ice to hot countries forms one of
the important sources of revenue to North America.
Great numbers of ships transport blocks of
ice from the mountains of Massachusetts and New
Hampshire to the cities of the Southern States,
to the West India Islands, to Mexico, etc.

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