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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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Yes, North America, by means of the speculative
disposition of her people, by means of her
political subdivision, her institutions which afford
free play to individual peculiarity and will, in evil
as well as the good—America is the land of experiment,
and its commencement in the field of experimental
humanity reveals a boundless prospect as
to what it may yet bring forth. One of its sons drew
the lightning from the clouds; another created
wings out of steam for all the people of the earth,
so that they might fly around the world; a third
has, oh the happy man! discovered the means of
mitigating life’s bitter enemy, bodily suffering, and
of extending the wings of the angel of sleep over
the unfortunate one in the hour of his agony! And
all this has been done in the early morning of the
country’s life, for in computing the age of a
world’s cultivation which has a thousand years
for its future, two centuries’ existence is merely
as the morning hour; the day lies before it as its
future. What will not this people accomplish
during the day? Of a verity, greater things than
these! That will I venture to predict from its eye;
for that eye is vigilant and bright; it is early
accustomed keenly to observe the object which is,
without asking about that which was, and without
being checked by the warning cry of antiquity; it
has a watchful eye, undaunted courage, and

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