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(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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unwearied perseverance. And if this observant eye,
when the working days are over, and the Sabbath
recurs, were directed more exclusively upon spiritual
things, would it not even make discoveries
and introduce science and certainty into regions
where now humanity is at home merely by means
of hope and faith? I believe so, because the
purpose of this people’s gaze as well as of their
social arrangements, is, above everything else, to
compass those ends which are of importance to the
whole of humanity; I believe it, because the
Germanic element, the character of which is profoundly
intellectual and transcendental, is in this
country mingled with the Anglo-Norman, and
from the union of these two races a third national
character may be expected, which shall combine
the highest speculative thought with the clearest
practical intuition.

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