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November 7

(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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November 7. I have not been able to write for several days. My life is a daily warfare against kindness, politeness, and curiosity, during which I am often weary and worn out. Often, also, I feel the wafting influence of an extraordinary youthfulness and enjoyment gush through my soul. I felt this one day during a conversation with the
noble, enthusiastic W. H. Channing, a character as ardent as it is pure, with a beaming eye, and a countenance as pure and regular as I could imagine that of a seraph to be. His figure, noble and elegant, is well suited for that of a public speaker. He is rather a critical admirer than an enthusiast as regards his own country. He loves enthusiastically merely the ideal and the perfect, and knows that the reality falls short of this. Speaking of the people of the United States, he said, "We are very young, very young."

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