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December 16

(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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December 16. I have now spent some quiet days in Cambridge, the quietest days that I have spent since I came to this country. I now see company and receive visits only in the evening. Professor Bergfalk from Sweden is now in Cambridge, also, and happy in the company of a library of 14,000 volumes, and of various lawyers, who welcome him warmly. With him and my young host I one day lately visited the several buildings of the university and the library. In the latter I was surprised to find one section where Swedish literature was not badly represented. This is owing to the poet, Professor Longfellow, who having himself traveled in Sweden, sent hither these books. He has also written about Sweden and has translated some of Tegnér’s poems. I found, also the Eddas among the Swedish books.

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