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March 24

(1924) [MARC] Author: Fredrika Bremer
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March 24. Yesterday Channing was here, the amiable W. H. Channing! He came in the morning, fresh and dewy as a May morn. During the winter we had exchanged a few letters and in them had got a little atwist. Emerson was the apple of discord between us. Channing set up Emerson, and I set up--myself. So we both became silent. Now when we met he was most cordial and beaming, gave me a volume of Wordsworth’s Excursion, and was very kind and amiable. Near such men one breathes the air of spring. There was a little party in the evening; Channing, among the rest. After he had said good night and left the house, he came hastily back, and called to me, led me onto the piazza, where, pointing up to the starry heaven that shone in beaming splendor above us, he smiled, pressed my hand, and--was gone.

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