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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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Caucasian peoples will be found in Arthur Byhan,
"Die kaukasischen Volker" (in Buschan, Illustrierte
Volkerkunde, vol. ii, part 2, 1926).
The most important sources for the study of the
Caucasian peoples’ long-drawn-out fight for freedom
against the Russians are the many Russian military
reports from the campaigns, and the many Russian
accounts of the course of the fighting and so on.
It is mainly on these Russian printed sources that
J. F. Baddeley based his work, The Russian Conquest
of the Caucasus, 1908, which describes the struggle of
the Daghestaners and the Chechens for freedom.
As a result of the nature of these sources and the
lack of sources from the other side, it is only to be
expected that this valuable work, in part at least,
should express the Russian outlook on the course of
the fighting and the conditions in Daghestan, even
though the author has tried his best to guard himself
against this. Bodenstedt’s account in Die Volker des
Kaukasus und ihre Freiheitskdmpfe gegen die Russen,
1855, seems, on the other hand, to be less coloured
by a Russian point of view ; but he did not have
access to the rich Russian material wc now have.
Olaf Lange, Kaukasus, Copenhagen, 1891, gives an
entertaining survey of Muridism and Daghestan’s
fight for freedom, mostly based, it is true, on
Bodenstedt. The Pole, Lapinski (Tefik Bey), in his
Die Bergvolker des Kaukasus und ihr Freiheitskampfgegen
die Russen, 1863, gives an interesting description of

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