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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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That evening our friend Narriman Ter Kasarian
gave a dinner in the best hotel in the town. As the
representative of the government of the Trans-
Caucasian federation he had gone with us on the
whole journey through Armenia and Georgia, and
had been our host. I may say wc called him
Napoleon, owing to his likeness to Napoleon 111.
When at last the dinner began (some two hours
after the time fixed), there was as usual averywell
laid table, with the choicest dishes and Caucasian
wine. The vice-president of Georgia was there—
a prominent Armenian who turned out to be a keen
sportsman—and many others. All were in high
spirits, and there were many lyrical speeches made
to our commission and our undertaking, to Armenia,
to Trans-Caucasia, to our kind friend Napoleon,
and not least to fair Georgia. Of course, there was
now a Soviet government here which looked down
on all royalty, but notwithstanding this its proud
history would come to mmd once more, and its
gldries under the lovely queen Tamara. The
Georgians had, indeed, always been admirers of
woman’s charm and knightly deeds; and this has
found a wonderful utterance in Shota Rustaveli’s
poem,"The man in the tiger-skin", which after seven
hundred years still lives on the lips of the nation.
After dinner wc drove under a glorious moon
by car up into the hills. Wc sat on the verandah of
a restaurant and had nuts and wine. There were
speeches and a good deal of merriment, much of
which was aroused by the tales our Armenian friend
told us of his many remarkable adventures. As an

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