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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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meet someone on the Wednesday at one o’clock;
the latter did not come till the day after at twelve
noon, and apologized for coming rather late. But
Quisling and I could not wait so long as that;
when an hour and a half had gone by, wc went off
on our own account. Wc dined in a big garden,
where the service was at small tables, clean and
quite good, and at a moderate price ; but there were
only a few guests.
The moon rose in the east and smiled down on
us through the leafy tree-tops. The dark paths were
well fitted for dreaming of the glorious past of this
land. A few couples wandered there in the peaceful
night, so refreshing after the heat of the day. Wc
were, indeed, in the home of the lovely Georgian
women ; it was of them that the French jeweller
Chardin said 250 years ago : "To see them and
not to love them I hold to be impossible." Let us
be daring:
Draw back the Ghadra ! Why dost thou hide thyself?
But perhaps, no ! leave the chadra alone, dreams are
after all the best there is in life.
Down below us the Kura ripples on its way to the
sea through the storied land. Wc hear the Georgian’s
sorrowful song :
And once more the old wound throbs,
O land of mine, that once wast so richly gifted,
it is to me as though thy past lay buried
in this stream, whose weeping strikes my ear. 1
1 By the Georgian poet, Elias Chavchavadse, translated (into
Danish) by Alfred Ipsen.

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