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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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North Caucasian languages. The former are the
various Georgian or Kartvelian languages ; while
the latter consist of the Abkhasian, Cherkessian,
Chechen, and the many Lesghian languages, with
The Georgian peoples dwell along the Kura and
Rion valleys, and on the southern slopes of the
Caucasus right up to near the watershed in valleys
in the highest part of the mountains (Svanetia,
south ofElbruz). The Abkhasians live on the southern
slopes westwards towards the coast of the Black
Sea. The Cherkesses (Circassians ; or Adigheb,
as they call themselves) and the Kabardians live
on the north side of the Caucasus along the Terek
north of Vladikavkaz, and farther west towards the
Kuban. After håving fought heroically against the
Russians and being overcome at last in 1864, the
greater part of the Cherkesses migrated to Turkish
Asia Minor, where some of them formed roving
bands of robbers. The various Chechen tribes (true
Chechens, Ichkerians, Inguchians with their many
lesser tribes, Khists, Karabulag, Michiko) mostly
dwell in Chechnia and Ichkeria, north-west of the
Daghestan mountains, in the valleys of the Argun
and its many tributaries, and northwards as far as
Grozny and the Terek, and westwards towards
Vladikavkaz. The many Lesghi tribes, of whom the
Avars are among the best known, are found in
Of the Indo-European peoples the Ossetes are to be
especially mentioned ; they live along the west side
of the upper courses of the Aragva and Terek, and

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