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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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children, together with our Armenian sporting
friend from that evening in Tiflis and his vvife.
They had come by car just before us. Although
Quisling and I had never met the ladies before,
wc were not introduced, and it was only later on
that wc by chance came to know who they were,
and could pay our respects. This is certainly
characteristic of the ways of the country, which are
so different from ours. Although wc had been now
so long a time with our friend Ter Kasarian, who
had been our host as representing the government
throughout our journey in Georgia and Armenia,
yet wc had never set eyes on his wife, just as wc
had not been introduced to any ofthe leading men’s
ladies. This is undoubtedly owing to somewhat
Eastern views on woman—that she does not count
outside her own little world, which is the home.
It is perhaps something of the same idea as that
which prevents our introducing the woman-servants,
and often almost the housekeeper, to our guests.
It seemed as though the ladies here do not wish for
it either ; for if a stranger were introduced to them
they would withdraw after exchanging a few
words, even if there was no difficulty about the
language. They seemed not to be used to playing
any part, and to have no wish to do so. Vet women
have played important parts in the history of these
peoples : wc have only to think of Samt Hripsime
and her nuns in Armenia, of Nino, who brought
Christianity to Georgia, and not least of the mighty
Queen Tamara. But in the old noble and princely
families of Georgia in the days of knighthood there

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