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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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Russian Economic Council in Moscow. His appear
ance is striking, and only slightly European : he is
of middling height, or short, strongly built, some
what short-necked, and with a decided broad head.
The very remarkable shape of his head was further
stressed by the hair being close-cropped, as is
usual among the Lesghis. It reminded me strongly
of the Armenian type, with a line rising straight up
from the nape of the neck with no occiput, a high
crown, and a great length from the ears upwards ;
the forehead is high and retreating, the nose slightly
aquiline, and the mouth and chin retreating—a
shape of head which is quite usual among many of
the Gaucasian tribes. The face was elever, with an
almost jovial expression, clean-shaven, and of mid
dling length ; the foreheadwas comparativelynarrow,
the eyes wide apart, and the mouth very finn.
Korkmazov is a Kumyk from Kum-Tor-Kale,
near Makhach Kala ; he is more European-looking.
The alert face is broader, as is the forehead; the
hair is gray and curly. He is older, a little bigger
and taller than the other fellow. His mother
tongue is Turski-Kumyk, the most widespread
language in Daghestan, and, along with Russian,
the official one. He is highly intelligent, and is
well educated; a lawyer by profession, he is well
read; he was a revolutionary and before the
Revolution lived some time as a fugitive in Paris.
Makhach Kala is a town of some 30,000 inhabi
tants. It was founded in 1844, after the Russian
fort of Nizovoe, three kilometres away, had been
destroyed the year before in the war with Shamyl.

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