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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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Muscovite’s eye falls on them; "nay, so long as the
Muscovites dwell among you, the Koran is a curse
unto you, instead of a blessing". He preached a
holy war against unbelievers. He that would share
in the eternal blessings of the other world must,
according to the words of the Prophet, yield up his
life and his belongings for the sake of Allah ; he
must leave wives and children behind, and throw
himself into the fight. Only in this wise can he
cross the bridge El-Sirat into Paradise. Here below
our hours are told like those of the day, but yonder
above, life is everlasting; our true home is there.
"Black-eyed Houris, whose eyes are like gleaming
stars and arms like swans’ necks, will smile on us,
but not each and all will they clasp to themselves ;
fountains with diamond-like water gush out of
milk-white marble, but not all shall be refreshed
by them; slender cypresses and leafy plane-trees
wave their coolness to us, but not all shall rest in
their shade" ; for he only that goes to the fight
to spread the Prophet’s teaching and break the
unbeliever’s power can come unto the blissful state
of the chosen. Keep armed, so as to be ready when
the hour strikes, calling to the fight !
These words of the old, wise man, born of a
glowing hatred for the unbeliever, and calling
them to a relentless warfare against the Russians,
made a deep impression ; the new doctrine quickly
spread through Daghestan, where a hatred for the
cruel oppressors was already flaming in their hearts.
The movement also reached Chechnia, where
Russian cruelty and destruction had aroused a

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