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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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and their ways of uncleanness. Withal, his influence
was naturally greatly weakened, but it was soon
strengthened again by his success in the struggle
against the Russians.
The Russians, håving brought the war with
Persia and Turkey to an end, turned again in
strength against the tribes in the Gaucasus, and in
1830 tried to force a way with their troops into
Daghestan and Chechnia; but in the brave and
daring Kasi-Mullah they found a dangerous oppo
nent. Although he might at times be defeated by
them and their guns, of which he had none, or
withdraw, luring them on into the mountains or
into the dense forests of Chechnia, he would soon
fall on them unexpectedly from another side, and
inflict one bloody defeat after another on them.
In May 1 83 1 he destroyed Paraul, where the Kumyk
Shamkhal was quartered, and took his capital,
Tarku, right under the Russian guns in the fortress
of Burnaya commanding the town. He then laid
siege to the fortress itself, and came near to taking
it, when it was relieved, and he once more with
drew. But soon after, in June, he advanced again,
and besieged the strong fortress of Vnezapnaya in
the plain to the north. Upon a Russian anny
hastening up he withdrew into the forests, and
when the Russians followed him up he inflicted a
bloody defeat on them, Emanuel himself, the
Russian general, being wounded.
In August of the same year he even laid siege
for a week to the fortified town of Derbent on the
Caspian, until it was relieved; while in November

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