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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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that Muridism was definitively overcome, and that
the Russian dominion in Daghestan was assured.
They had not tåken into account that Shamyl had
got away and was perhaps still alive, nor the
impression Kasi-Mullah’s heroic death had made
upon his foliowers.
After three days without food Shamyl managed
to reach Untsukul, near the Koisu, south of Ghimri.
Here for twenty-five days he lay between life and
death, for the Russian bayonet had gone through
one of his lungs ; and for many months more his
life was in danger before he was fully recovered.
That he escaped at Ghimri in some wonderful way
unknown to anyone was for his people a fresh and
sure sign that he was Allah’s chosen one.
While Shamyl lay sick Mullah-Mohammed con
secrated Hamzad-Beg as imam and leader in the
holy war (ghazavat). He also was from Avaria—
from Gotsatl, near Khunsakh. He had joined Kasi-
Mullah, and at times fought along with him, but
had not his qualities ; at Ghimri he had failed him
to save his own skin. With ShamyPs help he suc
ceeded in strengthening Muridism and securing
his own power. Most ofAvaria had also joined him,
but not the Khan of Khunsakh. In August 1834,
therefore, he marched against the town in great
strength. Pakhu-Bikhé, who understood that this
time resistance was bootless, was minded to adhere
to Muridism, but not to the ghazavat ; she sent her
youngest son, Bulach Khan, eight years old, to
Hamzad as a hostage. By fair promises Hamzad also
lured the two elder sons, Abu-Nuntsal and Umma

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