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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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(Omar), to his camp to negotiate; then, egged on
by Shamyl, this faithless breaker of his promises
had them both murdered, together with some of
their following. First Umma Khan was killed;
then the eldest brother, Abu-Nuntsal, fell "like
a raging Hon" on his foes, and he is said by
eye-witnesses to have killed twenty of the Murids
before he was brought down by his many wounds.
Hamzad-Beg was now able to march into Khunsakh,
and here he had the Khans’ mother, Pakhu-Bikhé,
beheaded, although she had tåken him into her
house when he was young and treated him like a
son. Abu-NuntsaPs widow was spared since she
was with child; she bore a son, who later became
Khan of Avaria.
But Hamzad-Beg’s treacherous deed did harm to
his reputation, and the Avars, who were attached
to their khans, fell away from him. Hadji Murad
and his brother Osman, being foster-brothers and
near friends to the dead khans, had the duty of
taking blood revenge, and during a religious festival
in the mosque at Khunsakh on Friday, the io,th of
September, 1834, they killed Hamzad-Beg right in
the midst of his Murids. Osman was killed, but
Hadji Murad got away. The people rose in revolt,
the Murids fled, and Hadji Murad became leader
in Avaria.
Shamyl was not in Khunsakh when this hap
pened. As soon as he got news of it, he gathered a
force together and marched to Gotsatl. There he
took the treasury and made Hamzad’s uncle hand
over the boy Bulach Khan, whom he, Shamyl,

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