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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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son was handed over before night-time Akhulgo
would be stormed next morning.
As Jamalu’d-din did not come, the storm began
on the morning of the I7th of August, and this time
the preparations were better. The attackers, it is
true, sufFered heavy losses, but progress was made
and in ShamyFs ranks many of his best men fell.
As further resistance looked hopeless, he at length
yielded, hoisted the white flag, and with a heavy
heart sent his beloved son of twelve years to the
hated foe. For the next three days there were
negotiations for the surrender of Akhulgo, but
ShamyFs conditions could not be accepted, and
on the 2 1st of August the storm was renewed. On
the first day little progress was made, but on the
morning after at dawn it started again. There was
dreadful house-to-house fighting. At last Akhulgo
was tåken, but the fighting went on a week longer
in the half-underground stone houses and in the
caves where the mountaineers had entrenched
themselves and refused to yield ; even women and
children with kindjals and stones in their hands threw
themselves against the bayonets or leaped into the
abyss ; mothers killed their children that they might
not fall into the hands of the hated Russians. The
fight was a terrible one.
The siege lasting seventy days was at an end;
but where was Shamyl, the main actor in the
drama? Search was made high and low, in every
hole and corner; all the bodies were examined;
but he could not be found among either the dead
or the living. The fortress had been cut off on every

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