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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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attacking first from one side, then from another;
after three unfortunate days Grabbe had to abandon
the undertaking, and the anny marched back in a
sorry plight, and håving lost heavily. At the end
of June, Grabbe once more attacked, this time in
northern Daghestan ; but he had no greater success.
Once more he had to withdraw with heavy losses,
and was forced to give up any further attempt.
In the summer of 1 843 Shamyl felt himself strong
enough for a more extensive campaign against the
Russians in Daghestan. Suddenly, on the 27th of
August, he set out with an anny from his quarters
at Dilim in Chechnia; in less than twenty-four
hours he was standing in front ofthe a-ul ofUntsukul
in Avaria, sixty kilometres to the south, and here
he was met on the same day by Kibit Mahoma
from Tilitl and Hadji Murad from Avaria with
strong forces; there were now 10,000 men gathered
together. The speed and precision with which the
long marches were carried out by the large bodies
of cavalry right under the eyes of the Russian
general, and the accuracy with which the several
divisions operated together, show the high capacity
of Shamyl as an anny leader.
Untsukul had openly deserted his side, and
furthermore had received a Russian garrison. It
was of the greatest importance to show that such
a thing could not be done with impunity. Some
Russian companies, 500 men in all with two guns,
that heedlessly hastened to the relief from Ghimri
near by, were wholly wiped out, only a few men
escaping. Untsukul was tåken by storm, and the

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