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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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chadra from the unhappy old woman, grasped her
by the hands, and began lashing her with a plaited
whip ; a shudder of bewildered horror ran through
the crowd. At the fifth lash the victim swooned,
and Shamyl, beside himself with pain, stopped the
executioners and threw himself at his mother’s feet.
The spectacle was heartrending, and with tears
and groans the onlookers begged for mercy for
their benefactress. In a few moments Shamyl rose
without a trace of his earlier emotion. Once more
he lifted his eyes to Heaven, and in a solemn voice
he called out: "There is only one God, and
Mohammed is His Prophet ! O ye dwellers in Para
dise, ye have listened to my fervent prayer, and
have allowed me to take on myself the rest of the
lashes that were awarded to my unhappy mother.
These lashes I most joyfully accept as a most
precious gift from your loving-kindness."
And wdth a smile on his lips he took off his red
cloak, and gave the two Murids heavy Nogai v/hips,
and told them that with his own hand he would
kili the man who should dåre to be lenient in
carrying out the Prophet’s will. In silence and
without the least sign ofpain he took the remaining
ninety-five lashes. After putting on his cloak he
stepped down among the frightened crowd, and
asked : "Where are the scoundrels on whose account
my mother has had to suffer so ignominious a
punishment?" The wretched men were at once
dragged up and lay at his feet; their fate was
looked on as certain. But to their surprise and the
surprise of all he raised them up, saying: "Go back

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