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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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days they were over 1,000 men, and the number
of wounded had grown to more than 2,000. Pro
gress on the average was only 6| kilometres daily.
Vorontsov on the i6th of July saw that it was
impossible to march any longer. They had to
encamp and await the relief, for which he had sent
several messengers, not knowing whether these
had got through. The i7th went by; the men had
nothing more to eat than a little maize they had
found in the fields around; the camp was ringed
round by ShamyFs men, and was being bombarded
by the guns he had tåken. The ißth went by;
hunger began to gnaw ; there was no more ammuni
tion for the guns, and the men had only about
fifty rounds each left. It looked as though the end
was drawing nigh. Then, as the sun was near its
setting, the far-off thunder was heard of guns, of
many guns. At once the whole camp was on its feet ;
they were filled with joy—even the wounded and
sick forgot all their wretchedness. It was General
Freitag who had come. The messengers had
reached him in Grozny on the night of the Isth of
July, and he rode 160 kilometres in two days,
gathering up his troops on the way; and at nine
o’clock on the evening of the ißth of July his
advanced troops had reached the other force.
After measuring his strength against Freitag,
Shamyl withdrew, and upbraided his naibs for
håving after all let the booty escape them. On the
2Oth ofJuly the remnant of the proud anny reached
safety in the a-ul of Gherzel in the lowlands, but
not without further losses in the rearguard. Thus

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