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(1931) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Gerald C. Wheeler - Tema: Russia
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be marked by blood, and in my wake shall be fear
and destruction ; for where the might of the word
is not enough, there must the deed stand by it to
help.—God’s servant, the imam Shamyl."
In the middle of April 1846 Shamyl suddenly
attacked Kabardia from Chechnia in great strength.
His hope was that the Kabardians, who were dis
contented with the Russian rule, would rise when
he came to support them. But the capable General
Freitag had suspected what he was going to do,
and had therefore gathered a force together; he
now hotly pursued Shamyl so as to cut him off.
The Kabardians did not dåre to rise, and Shamyl,
afraid to meet Freitag in open fight on the treeless
lowland, had to fl.ee back to his mountains, only a
few hours ahead of the Russians. Although his
plan had failed, yet this bold attempt increased his
reputation among the mountain tribes, and his
losses had been unimportant ; but Freitag had saved
Russia from a great peril. For the rest of the year
ShamyFs men gave the Russians little peace.
With never a stop there were constant fresh attacks
and raids, and the daring of the Murids went so
far as to bombard Grozny itself (24th of July),
and the new fort of Vozdvizhensko to the south
(i7th of August). The Russians, however, managed
to strengthen their lines by building two new and
important forts on this front. In southern Dagh
estan Shamyl himself was defeated near Kuteshi
in October, and the whole of the fruitful and thickly
inhabited Darghi district had to submit once more
to the Russians.

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